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Teams and companies looking to right size their collaborative efforts, and experience new ways to manage work and what’s actually important.
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We all experience it — email clutter, endless chat streams, disparate collaboration tools, confusing in-house software, lost files, chaotic searches attempting to identify who is responsible for what and numerous follow ups because things simply aren’t getting done. ExecTable was born out of the belief that there just had to be a better way.
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Bridge team efficiency and collaboration gaps by executing tasks in a single place.
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“ExecTable is our team hub. It allows us to track our conversations, share documents and conduct video conference meetings all in one place. Other tools we’ve used in the past require us to step out to collaborate. As we transition from those tools, the visual representation of a team meeting makes sense and makes meetings easier."
Dapo Kolawole
Co-founder & CEO — Citispoon
“ExecTable has been a huge help in connecting our many committees and planning groups. We work on many endeavors and brainstorming sessions that it is often hard to follow in an email chain. ExecTable lets us keep it all in one spot, with the benefits of video conferencing. It has increased engagement across our committees, as well as the effectiveness and efficiency in which they do their work. We are so lucky to have ExecTable as a partner”
Amelia Drozda
Senior Director, Philanthropy, Partnerships and Engagement — Big Shoulders Fund